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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why You Want What You Want

Here's is a quote that is great to help you think about what you want in your life: "Everything that you really want in your life comes down to one thing.  You want some kind of change in how you feel."  -Anthony Robbins.
Like spring, life can renew.

To flesh-out that quote a little more he goes on, "You don't want money because you want pieces of paper with pictures of deceased notables on them...", Robbins says.  "You want money because of what you think it will give you.  You believe it's going to give you some kind of pleasure, if you want it.  Some people say they want a business.  Many people do not want the business they do have.  It's not the business you want, it's what you think the business will give you."

Think about what you want and focus on why you want it.  Start with why and work you way from there.

Peace, love, and happiness.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Change Is The Change We Seek

My dog Rhoadie

I've restarted this blog after a friend of mine, David, gave me some solid feedback as to what I could or should do while I continue to look for what it is that I want to do next with my career.  At first I scoffed at the idea.  "Really?  That old thing?" Because this "Reality Check" blog was started as I was in the process of selling a house and planning to go on, what I call, a world tour.  Even though it was just the Pacific Rim, to me it was a world trip.  But after I came across a podcast the other day called Unamistakable Creative, and the host, Srinivas Rao, was talking about how hard it was/is to write a book.   What he discovered was writing came a lot easier once he made it a habit to write 1000 words a day.  It didn't matter so much what was written, as long as you got into the habit of writing each day.

For the first few of days I was writing on paper with pen.  Which I do like.  Something about the feel of that kind of writing.  But this forum I thought is ultimately preferable, because it uses electrons and overall it is a lot easier to edit and to "put out there".  So here we go.

This blog was started with an adventure on the horizon and now it will be resurrected with that same thought in mind.  I'm on another adventure.  I like adventure.

When you go on these life adventures you do so much growing.  Which is good for you in so many ways.  You get to see progress in yourself.  You get to learn.  You get to work under the hood of the car that is your life.  You get more confidence from your growth.

I learned some of these things by doing them.  But just yesterday I found a web site that just made me feel good about trying to figure stuff out:  She has a great energy and I dig the interviews she does and some of the advice she gives on how to work what you've got and how you can work it even more.  One interview with Todd Herman, who works to help professional and Olympic athletes get to their peak performance, gives 5 Secrets To Change Your Life.  In the interview he also talks about how change starts at the cellular level.  There is actual physical change within you.

As further evidence of this physical change, my wife says my scent has changed.  The thing of it is, she mentioned this about a month ago, when I was about a week or two into creating some new habits.  Although this may not be actual proof of what Mr. Herman is talking about, it is one noticeable difference in my person.  Also, I asked Wife if she liked the change.  She said, "It's not a bad scent.  It's just different.  I like you, so I like how you smell."  Me: big fucking grin.

Also in that interview he talks about "Wow Brains" and "Ow Brains".  When you make changes on go on life adventures does you brain make you feel "wow" or does it go "ow"?  I kind of glance this over here, because I have, mostly, a "wow" brain and that, when I want to, I embrace change and adventure.  If Bilbo Baggins can do it.  So can you and I.  But in the video it figures rather prominently.  I'll have to watch it again myself.


Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Quest For Why

So here's the thing.  I'm attempting some new habits that I hope will help me to grow in my life and that will maybe bring in some extra income.  But it all comes from a place of love.  Seriously.  I am working on moving my life toward one where I do not need to work FOR someone, but work WITH others, whom I choose.  We'll see if there is any money in that, which of course there will be... right?  Let's hope.
From X-mas 2013.  Elise, Thom, Coho (l to r)

I recently watched a TedTalk about starting with why.  This got me to thinking not only about why I do what I do for a job/career, but also why not?  This is always the most dangerous question.  Because when you start asking why, you start looking for the answer to the question.  Why would I even want to change what I'm doing?  I'm happy, fairly healthy.  I do have some nagging health issues but nothing debilitating.  I get good, make that excellent, benefits from my job so why change?  I guess it comes down to wanting to do what I want to do with only answering to myself for my actions.  Fuck.  That sounds so self absorbed.  But when you look at this question and yourself in such a light, it, I suppose, becomes a little introspective.

I just saw something on my Facebook about entrepreneurs; someone who is willing to work 100 hours a week for themselves so they don't have to work 40 for someone else.  At this stage in my life I see this as a very appealing way to live and make a living.  I am getting lots of inspiration form different sources all over the internet.  It basically comes down to, if you have enough drive and a product that people want, then you can make a go of it.  It will never be easy and that's why most people work for someone else because they want the easy and don't want the hard part of running it all.  This is why I want to do it.  I want to run it all.  Oh, shit, I just said it... out loud... on the internet.

When I'm running it all I'll let you know.  Oh, I'll let you know.

Time for some visualization.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

White House Photostream

I didn't even know there was one, but there is and there are some pretty cool "behind the scenes" pictures here.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giant Pumpkin VS. Pontiac

The year's state (Utah) record pumpkin of 1,169 pounds is dropped on Saturday onto a car from a 175-foot crane at Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove, completely destroying a Pontiac 6000.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Work Here and My Wife Goes to School Here

[via Criggo]

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Really Cool People Doing Really Cool Things